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20% discount for military, law enforcement and first responders


Law enforcement and first responders are respected members of our communities and most people love having them as neighbors as well as customers. Many of these first responders are very active in community service serving as coaches and leaders in civic groups.  They risk their lives on a daily basis for the safety of total strangers. It's easy for the majority of us to agree that these heroes deserve a lot of recognition. One way to show it is by offering them discounts in their communities.

 This section will list businesses on the national level, we can identify and confirm, while the sub-menus will represent   specific states. To receive discounts for businesses on-line you must sign-up with ID.ME. Within that link you will find hundreds of retailers offering discounts to most if not all first responders. When visiting these retailers in person be sure to ID yourself in the most discreet way possible.​

​If you would like your company listed on our website offering discounts and or want to become a supporter of the Thin Blue Line 4 Justice please contact us               .  If you are aware of discounts in your area for law enforcement and or first responders let us know as well.