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UPDATE     UPDATE     3/21/2020     UPDATE            UPDATE
At 12:39am this morning I received a text message from Sandra that she was headed to UCSF as a kidney was being offered to her. Unfortunately, at 1:56am I received another text advising she was headed home because it was a no go. After talking to Sandra today it was learned there were complications with the donors kidneys and the doctor decided they were no good.

This does not change our mission, together we must continue to push forward to save a family. If you've filled out a form and called, only to be disqualified or put on a call back list, call back be persistent and insist they keep processing you.

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California police officer requests your assistance in saving his family as his wife is battling end stage kidney disease. Police Officer David Ventling met his wife Sandra in 2000. Shortly after they met, he entered the police academy to begin protecting and serving the public. They soon married and now have two very active amazing kids, ages 14 and 16. After working his shift he cares for his wife’s growing medical needs and coaches the numerous sports their kids play. His dedication to his family shows by the number of hours he logs every day, without ever complaining, just to keep the kids' life as normal as possible.
The children have been dealing with their mom on dialysis far too long and she doesn’t know if they remember what it’s like to have a mother not on dialysis. When she first started dialysis, she was working for the county as a social worker helping others for 17 years. Unfortunately, her body and mind began to deteriorate while on dialysis and she had to stop working. She was on dialysis for approximately 5 years every day for 9 hours. Unfortunately, the PD catheter port had to be replaced due to complications and began hemodialysis 3 times a week. At this time, after undergoing additional procedures she is now hooked up at home for treatments 7 days a week, 9 hours a day. In addition to this, due to her condition being so grave, she never fully drains the dialysis solution and remains in her system for 24 hours. The reason for this is because it is no longer enough to keep her blood clean to keep her alive.
End Stage Kidney/Renal Disease is a debilitating disease that not only affects the person but also their loved ones. There are days when it is difficult to get out of bed. She feels weak, tired and is becoming more and more depressed. She has now developed severe sleep apnea and insomnia. Migraines have now become a part of her life and she says, β€œit affects my ability to function as a good mother and wife.”
As stated by Sandra herself...... My children, my husband, my family and I need this to be a success story. There are days where being positive and staying positive are hard. But I have to fight through it and believe there is a rainbow at the end of the tunnel. I grew up in a Catholic household and I have always believed in miracles and believe me when I say this, I pray every day for my miracle. It’s crazy how you see life differently when you are on life support. I crave to just be able to pick up and go without having to plan my day around dialysis and the many times I'm not be able to participate in outings and family functions due to dialysis and its many side effects. I dream of feeling normal and not having to plug in for 9 hours each night doing dialysis or being driven to and from hemodialysis. I no longer take the little things for granted.
Sandra has been on the UCSF deceased donor list for 7 years and was recently told it would take 3 or more years before she would be called and or considered for a transplant. For those that know anything about kidney disease, you know the life expectancy of someone on dialysis is 4 to 5 years. That means Sandra is on borrowed time. This means every day could be the last day her kids have a mom or her husband has a wife. Her condition is grave, without a new kidney she WILL DIE. Her blood type is O+, which means only an O type blood can do a direct donation to her. However, even if you are not blood type O you can still donate via the donor program and in-turn you could save numerous lives. 
Fill out the application www.ucdonor.org with her information provided (Sandra C Ventling, date of birth is 9/18/1971). After filling out the application you can follow up with Mrs. Helen Christensen at 1 (415) 353-1187 for updates with your application.  #superheroforlife